Saturday, August 20, 2011

Look at me as more than a person.

I am a fallen angel. You are a risen demon.
We clash and trade rolls.

I speak with my timid eyes and you speak through your closed mouth

We live by night and wander by light

If I call you my Love would you call me your Mistake?
we could live like that

You last forever
take me with you

We can live in tree trunks

You can take me to your castle

Teach me what you know.

Come a little closer

Let us live

The moon is shining bright tonight,
shall we celebrate?

Or should we just stay here?

Look into my eyes. Can you see the past

I can see you, you are growing soft

You are so different.

No one has your skin.
No one has that heart

You are a beast

You teach me to be afraid

I teach you how to love

I am the beast

You learn to be loyal

I learn how to obey

Let us leave

You want to go
I don't want to stay

You are blind

I am strong

You ruin me by thought

Let us die

Your impression is kept

My mind is saved

We can leave


  1. This is good, though I probably connect with it much more than I should.

  2. Because I can apply the symbolism in a different personal way

  3. Well I'm glad we can both relate to it then.