Saturday, August 6, 2011

God, I'm so happy right now.

THREE things happened today that all on their own could have made me happy!
I ran into Hunter, who i haven't seen in months.
I ran into Ian, who I haven't seen longer than Hunter! we hugged and made plans for tomorrow xD
and yeah
the third
im smiling so hard right now
I got a letter from Kyle!!

It's at my dads so I can't see it until tomorrow, but im so so so excited to read it!
I can't wait for him to tell me everything that has been going on!

I still smell a little like Ian right now, must be the rain that kept his scent on me.

but aarrrggg

The three of the like five guys in my life that I wasn't expecting even a word from all popped up in one day!! ;D

I can't wait to rip open his letter!
and I can't wait to hang out with Ian!

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