Thursday, August 4, 2011

berr sooo

today was crazy
I tried to go running outside
but it was just so hot.
I went inside after only about 6 minutes of that.
I felt like I was going to faint,
I needed water.
Then the cramps came.
I tried to go to the bathroom
empty something
that's all I was concerned about.
i became dizzy
the pain..
it was all over
I got on the floor after quickly putting a towel on it
and i laid there
in pain
cramp filled
it felt like it lasted for ever
I tried to get up,
i needed to go downstairs to get under a fan
I almost fainted

I gave in
and called my dad
he got my grandma to come over
to cool me down
give me sugar filled food
make me drink water
I got better as soon as I cooled down.

but that was 4 hours ago,
and I'm still cold.
its very warm out
It's like I was chilled down to my bones

It was just too too much.

I decided today I would say screw you to my diet thing and just eat until I was okay.
really though I should still be okay and on track with it.
the amount of food I ate was a lot compared to what I wanted, but a normal amount to someone eating normally. So I should be good.

I really only decided on one thing; no more dieting while on my period. Periods suck enough with out me fainting and gasping on my bathroom floor covered in my own sweat. Or atleast I'll cut back and eat a little better. No cardio, no wwwaaaaayyyyy.

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