Saturday, August 13, 2011

His Holiness the Dalai Lama,
is teaching me new ways of thought.
I picked up this book,
and it's pretty kick ass.

I like this one line, its right in the beginning.
It's something like,
"Ignorance is not just the lack of knowledge about how people and things
actually exists but an active mistaking of their fundamental nature"

so it's to say,
they are not stupid in their ways, only unable to see the real side of a situation.

I hope this book helps me to be less ignorant and less jealous.

It talks about when you do things you have to keep other peoples happiness in mind,
because making them happy will make you happy in the long run,
in in the long run is what counts because that's when you can be at peace with yourself,
and maybe the world will be at peace with you.
you and everyone else.
And because we were all fortunate enough to be humans,
we should do everything we can to get the peace.

I really like how they think.

It's like, never be mad at a person, because in another life they could be your best friend, your parent, even you.

It's really beautiful

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