Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I don't remember

I just woke up to my dad yelling my name
every letter filled with anger
i few downstairs,
I don't even remember walking
I asked him what
and he told me some story about how we woke me up before to tell me to do the dishes...?
and how I was sitting up and agreed...?
This never happened, I don't remember.
My sister told me it happened too though.
"I sat here and watched you stay completely still. I was afraid you were in a coma or something"
I was so so tired.
I thought my eyes were only closed for a minute.
Now I'm not even hungry.
Bed time at 10.
I hope.
God if only Father doesn't wake me for something else.
How horrible you know?
Waking your kid up to tell them to do something, then screming at them 5 minutes later when it isn't done because

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