Friday, August 26, 2011

I dream of him by night while he dreams of me by day

he drives me insane when I keep him sane

we have different views

I am all him while he is not always all me

i think more logically with our relationship,
and I am in charge
he gets to choose when to talk,
and when to see each other

it always worked out.

We were almost never the same but somehow always gave good feedback, and never took the other down for something.
there was always love and never false or forced care.
we had respect.
we had eachother,
and his blankets to lay underr
his roof to sit on
the mall to go to
movies to see
my couch to sit on
our mouths and minds to talk
his games to keep us to appear not doing something wrong, because we could sit there and talk fr hours.
or not talk.
just sit there, lie there. 
holding each other
or just holding hands.
Or he would be on top of me,
or me on him,
and we would be having fun that way.
everywhere and anywhere.
how I would scratch into his back, and be amazed with him at the blood.
how I would always make noises, and he would count, and get more turned on with every time.
and those times webcaming, i think that counts as sexting or something.
We were really good at being teenagers,
but we were really good at being friends, being able to go on walks and talk for hours.
always finding something to laugh at.
He would call me every night to say goodnight, if I had not called him. even when he was at a friends
or I was
and we hadn't talked all day that day,
or all weekend
we would say goodnight.every night.and we did. for the 7 months I got to be with him before the Army became his new girlfriend.
We knew it was love from day one,
it was unspoken but we both knew,
and he knew I need to wait to say it.
too soon might be too much.
He said it after he finished singing a song for me,
took my hands and said
"I love you"
I looked into his eyes, and for the first time I said 
"I love you"
it was beautiful.
He wouldn't like it when I called him beautiful, but it was true.
From his jaw line to his busty shoulders to his thin waist and muscular back.
He was the definition of sexy to me. as I was right back to him.
it was amazing how attracted we were to each other.
I loved his horrible hair days and nonmatching outfits as much as he loved my pale makeupless face of winter.
we were Gold.
we are chained at the heart,
and no saw can cut through
he is my Home, no matter the distance
no matter my thoughts of moving on
we are meant to be.

I want our title back.
I miss it more then him, I can handle the distance, but I can't seem to handle not calling him Mine.

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