Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I love when I don't sleep at all because of how funny my body reacts to it.
It'll get dizzy while just staring off into space
and often I pee just as fast as I drank something
I get thirsty and drink 16oz of water in less than a minute
But the best part is,
being able to think odd thoughts at weird hours.
I'm truly a night owl.
that's what I'm at my high point.
I love the wind down,
like a half hour ago I was laying in my bed thinking about how many calories are in a tomato ,
26- medium size.
at 6 something in the morning during summer break.
I'm making my low calorie version of an already low calorie meal ; tomato sandwiches.
For breakfast I'm gonna eat straight cereal (with no milk) ,something like cornflakes,
and with that will be more water and blue&strawberries.
I decided that while I'm at my dads I mine as well eat as best I can.
he's effin loaded any ways.
Then later on I'm gonna run on the treadmill, to work off what I ate, or some of it.
Model thin is not an influence, I don't find it cool, and I don't think people will like me for it.

model thin is more than that.

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