Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's sent

I sent him a really long letter,
two pages back and front,
of just everything.
It's like all of my emotions were poured into such a simple thing.
I didn't tell him about the kiss, no.
I'm not sure if I really should.
I'm NOT gonna keep it from him.
But the letters I want to be able how I'm actually feeling and what I'm actually doing or thinking about.
It would be pointless to write such a thing in one because they're so short and no portion of that does he need to read about me not being true to him.
I hope he does understand when he finds out though.
But I told him my dreams,
my interests in photography,
updated him on some friends and myself,
I explained why I didn't send him a letter on his birthday.

And I just, I love him.
With so much of me that it makes my heart laugh and cry at the same time.
I don't care if loving him and being his is going to make my life not normal.
Screw that if normal means no Kyle.
He's MY normal.
I just wish my brain would be so back and forth about this!

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