Sunday, September 25, 2011

you decide

saturday I was changed,
i was three different people
I started of my day late, and walked up to the skate park.
Dressed up in my black tanktop, person number one.
I sat against the fence and yelled and nodded at my friends that were skating.
I put one knee up and looked at it, and I kind of giggled, asking myself
"When did I become the girl sitting in a skate park with friends, wearing purple fishnets under ratty jeans, looking like i don't give a damn?"
I guess it just happened really.
I can be anyone.
That evening I changed in to person number two,
the babysitter.
Pretty blue tank top under a clean sweatshirt, with nice slacks on.
I colored and fed them apples, read the little girls stories, tucked them in.
Who would believe I was Person number one after that?
At home I became Person number three, the roll I play often.
Snuggling under my blankets in my pajama pants, make up and everything still on, reading a book late into the night.
I think person three is a good one,
she likes her alone time and her books, but she also makes room for friends
person two concentrates on being a role model, doing things right, by the rules, being acceptable
person number one is probably my favorite though, she roames alone, until she wants to be bothered, she wears what she wants and doesn't care if anyone stares at her dark make up while she sits in the skate park reading incredibly girly books with pink covers and the name
Sarrah Dessen 
painted over the top

I love one and three, but two makes the cash, so I gotta keep her around.
Oh well, Two is chill sometimes.

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