Tuesday, September 6, 2011

After School.

I got home to find a man at our door not 5 minutes later.
He told me that our water was being shut off.
I didn't know what to think,
Cousin pushed passed me and was talking to him,
he felt so guilty, the man.
His voice trembled when he said it.
maybe it was my eyes,
he might have seen how I wasn't a bad person.
Maybe he thought we were a decent family and didn't deserve it.
But he said it was just his job,
and if we paid had nothing to do with him.
I felt bad for the man,
having to take something away from a family.
But we filled our bath tub up with water so we could brush our teeth and flush the toilet.
The water should be back on soon.
I hope.
When mom got home she walked in while I was on the phone with
He came over
we had our smiles,
and ran into people.
like we always do with him. -.-
and walked around with them.

I only knew of the guy,
he was at least 6 feet tall and was bone skinny.
blonde hair
with a smile that proved he had braces for a long time.
Your lips get stuck thinking there's something to smile around.
He was amazing looking.
with his ripped jeans and blue and black plaid shirt,
poor style.
The best style,
not brand new shit.
But shit that looks nice when faded.

Then there was his girlfriend,
(one of) Kyles ex girlfriend.
or how ever she spells it.
she was a short skinny wonder with jet black hair with a bandana tied around her small head.

She had a sister along with her too,
who was on the search for her boyfriend.
She was chunky,
with flipflops.
but was generally happy.
She liked me.

They all liked me.

They all smoked,
and I don't smoke.
It gets a little awkward denying it so many times in a row.

after them we came back to my house to eat.
We had to warm up the food but he didn't - which was weird.
why would he not?
I did to show him that it's not out of the ordinary around here.
Maybe he feared he would catch Poor.

We sat in my room for hours.
Spilled secretes and untold things.
listened to music
expressed emotions.

It's bad,
because he wants me too.
But it's always going to be Kyle.
he said that tears him up inside,
because he got to me before him,
and his insanity let me go.
That's when he wasn't on pills.
That means he meant the things he said when he was drunk.
They were real.
He said he liked our kiss.
and wanted another one.
I told him that I didn't like tongue in my mouth,
that there's stages.
He laughed and said
"well that's good to know. But I was drunk!"

I helped him achieve a life goal of kissing a girl with braces.

When he had to go I held on real tight,
so did he.
I pushed up against him so It was everything.
We stood there holding each other.
I didn't want it to stop.
I love the feel of his hugs.
It's like the worlds pain melts away.
I moved my head down into his shoulders.
Almost into his neck.
To get the full affect.
Then we let go.
and he walked out the door.

Like last time.

I just hope he doesn't leave again.

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