Wednesday, September 28, 2011


ive made a habit of sitting on my bed after i shower with my hair dripping wet and my skin still smooth.
it's calming just being human, do you understand?
i can just lay naked absorbed in thoughts, pushing away the world outside my locked door.
It has been raining the past four days and with every day I just feel worse and worse.
Today I cracked. I melted away.
all the anger and saddness combined into hot flowing tears, i needed to sob and yell and be as loud as I could.
But I couldn't.
I just..went into my bathroom and was as silent as possible.
I don't want to say this but really it was it seems all my actions are these days
get in get out forget forget forget forget get over it get over it.
i feel stripped of things on the inside -naked -bare-
I just feel so different. 
like every pair of eyes I look into will never understand.

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