Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I..I take it back

The last post, about not wanting to wait for anyone.
there is no need to give up.
there's always light at the end of the tunnel
(unless it's a German poem, then it's a tunnel that goes on for a very long time and eventually you are dead)
I told my bestfriend something, a little piece of my heart.
I said
"I know I have my crushes and everything, but some 'cute guy in math class' is nothing compared to Kyle. I love him, I feel like it's just always gonna be Him, ya know?"
and it made me think of Ian, and how many times I've said that to him, just in other ways
"I love being around you Ian, but it's always going to be Kyle. It just is"
And he was forced to understand that,
that I didn't want him. I want Kyle, and I'm always going to want Kyle.
Because he's just....him.
I can't explain it.
He's the name that scratches at my brain, my thoughts, he's the one that creeps to my mouth.
He's the smile I can trust,
the hands that I can hold.
He's my Kyle
my little gift, to hold in the palm of my hand,
to hold next to my heart.
He's the titleless title

and we're perfect

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