Wednesday, September 14, 2011

and this is going to my conversation tomorrow with my bestfriend about dan

"So how was yesterday?"

"It didn't happen.
he was taking forever to talk to me
and once he did, he had to leave,
then he didn't talk to me after that.
mind you I didn't have his number at the time, or my physco ass woulda been calling him.
so he signed on facebook like an hour after he said he'd be right back, and I was waiting for him to talk to me me
but he didn't
so I sent him an instant message saying
'I guess we're not doing anything today then'
and he said something about
giving him an hour
and oh yeah
my mom doesn't want me going over there yet, because she doesn't know if he's a creep or not.
so he wanted to hang out or
go on a date
or whatever we were supposed to be doing
at like
and my mom likes me to be home at 9 on weekdays.
so I told him some other time.
and then I found out the hour was him
video games
with his bro
I said it was fine when he said to not take it personally.
but really?
who chooses videogames over a girl?
like damn.
and that's my story"

"Oh wow"

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