Monday, September 5, 2011

from the two that don't mean much

I'm listening to this song because Boy1 gave me the songs of the entire album,
it's his favorite band
he loves the message
the voice
the lyrics.
I like it because he does
Boy1 is something out of a movie.
he was put here to make me wonder and question.
but then I have this game the Boy2 gave to me
I liked it because I could scream at losing
I like it because he spends a lot of his time on it,
at least the time in which he gets to chose what he wants to do

I like having these things.
just because they enjoy them.

It's like they both gave me a piece of their soul with out even knowing.

I like being able to see into people,
using things they willingly gave me

I like to know how people enjoy and spend their lives.

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