Thursday, September 8, 2011

my block

I miss my laptop, and i want my house back. I hate having to be at Dads.
I just wish our water would turn back one so mom wouldn't have to feel so shitty.
Monday. Monat, I believe, in German. I'm really enjoying German this year.
I'm finally not falling asleep or laughing too much at him. Let's put it this way.
We have to learn a dance to go along with a poem. He practices before school.
Herr Hunt is a very funny man. I think he just needs some more love.
He loves me and my older sisters. Though they are more smart. That's tough..
Living in the shadow of two smart ladies. Being called by their name daily.
The new friends/people are a blast. I never thought it was possible for me.
But I'm fitting in just find with a few people who enjoy having me around.
School is turning out to be way better than I planned. Other then the bus.
They are packed three to a seat. 6thgraders-highschoolers. It's ridiculous.
Boys are being incredible horn-balls. I just want some friends, not dicks.
It feels like everyone but a few are males that I talk to. It's better that way,
less drama. I'm going to go now. I'm bored with my block right now...

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