Sunday, July 31, 2011

You came home

It was prom night and I was walking home from school
I looked to my side and there you were
I ran for you
everything was blurry,
you were blurry
but about 10 feet away I could see you clearly
you grew a nice beard, like your brothers
and you were holding out a camera that I loved to use in my photography class
you were just smiling at me
I was almost there..
and you look off
I was so confused
I ran after you
It was all playful but all I wanted was to jump into you
I finally caught you and I asked if you were busy that night
and you said yes,
you were going to your grandparents house
but then I said
"What if I told you prom was tonight?"
you sharply replied
"I've already done that stuff, don't you remember?!"
I sat back, hurt. You didn't care about me anymore.
so then I said brokenly
"But this time it's me..."
And I woke up.

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