Monday, July 4, 2011

i just get sad

I wish he wouldn't tell me things like
"I'll call tomorrow around this time"
Because then I'm watching the clock all day.
then the time comes,
and I have to be all strong and understanding,
when he doesn't call.
"He'd call if he wasn't busy Christina", I have to tell myself.

which I guess I have to understand more so.
its the Army.
it's the 4th.
it's a bunch of Army guys on the 4th.

Today I was gonna tell him things though.

how he's my home,
no matter where we are

how he's my comfort

how he's the only hand I want to hold

how his ear is the only one I want to whisper "I love you" into.

and I just wanted him to know,
that I never even tried to stop loving him.
that my hearts still there.

And that I don't and won't want anyone else.

and I wanted to ask if he'd wait with me too..

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