Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's the best part

the part that wants to just leave.
I don't want to runaway, no.
I want to go to some little town with happy people.
I want a large city with everyone being a bit more strange than the last.

only for a few days,
or a week or two.

This fall I will begin to drive,
and maybe winter break I can take a trip with a friend or something
or I'll just wait for the summer.
I'm getting a job soon enough,
and I won't have much to pay for.
I'm good at saving.
I'll save all school year maybe.
I want to get out and do stuff.

I want to see different states and see new people.
to be able to breath new air
see new skys,
God it would be amazing.
We could rent cheep motels
and party all night
the day could be full of driving
and site seeing
We'll make up our own sites
ask the people what's good to see.

I'll bring my camera and take pictures of everyone and everything.
It will be my trip.
no family
no worries
and it'll be perfect.

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