Wednesday, July 13, 2011

is it...?

I just need a little contact
a phone call
an email
a freakin letter

I just need to know if your heart is still there,
if I'm holding onto nothing
If I really am crazy thinking you still have the same feelings

am I?

I'm starting to feel the disconnection.
maybe even physically.
my body hurts,
it has a constant headache,
it travels to my
then to the insides of my thighs
and my
But all over I get random plangs
and sometimes Feel I can't breath
I think I'm getting sick

or is it my body detaching myself from you?
is it letting go of the kisses
is it letting go of the happy thoughts
is it letting go of the feeling of my head on your lap,
and yours in mine
is it letting go of our eye contact
is it letting go of the hugs

i dont want to let go dear
but i will
i still have a lot of shit infront of me

id just rather avoid it,
and be with you

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