Saturday, July 30, 2011

We got married last night

It was a large church
we messed up a few times so We had to restart
I read off this card but I could only understand half
it was the size of a pokemon card and it's lettering was like old english
after the card was read the priest married us
then we were gone
I opened my eyes to fine a small town
gloomy as can be
like the town from Sweeney Todd
and I was in the back of a carriage with him
I don't remember looking at him the entire day
but I knew it was Kyle
there was another man,
and he wanted my heart.
they both battled
but both ran away
I didn't see my husband anymore after that,
well other than his running
But we were still married,
so I found my way around a shop and had fun.

It was such a strange dream.
Though I wish it was real.

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