Monday, October 24, 2011

What if you danced how I wanted?

his hands gently placed on her hips
with hers laced behind his head
it was wrong
she could promise it
he was the someone else
she looked to him and blushed
this was new
he had a this thing
his charm
his shape
his smell
hell, his one dimple
their bare feat were warm against her carpet 
her dad wasn't home
and they didn't go to school
they just danced
she would lay her head on his chest and take him in
he would place his hand on her back,
lead in to kiss her head
she'd breath out loud
and try to enjoy the moment that wouldn't last forever
she would think of how things would change
he would bring her back to right then with his lips
bring her in close 
hold her
care for her as she cared for him
he didn't care about forever
or even the next day
he was exactly what she wanted, exactly what she could have, exactly what she didn't get.

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