Sunday, October 2, 2011

200th - her name is Courtney

I wanted to make my 200th post special, mean something to me I guess, I wrote this the other day in my German class, it's not finished. It probably never will be.

She flows like water,
beautiful in her step,
while her hair falls and twists.
It's wild of her way,
like her touch, I'm sure
She glides through her world,
feeling pain and love
sometimes lost, but sometimes she is found.
With a smile that is rare,
she does not fake
but as it comes to lift her face,
it takes mine with hers
For that moment we can share happiness
shat that power
she doesn't know my thoughts
and emotions
of her
of the poetry that is her
of the inspiration that is her
I imagine she smells of mist,
like perfume and water mixed to create what is her.
she used my jacket that she adores
I thought it might have smelled like her
It didn't
like it sat on the floor by her bed,
unloved once home,
once in comfort
It wasn't with her and neither was I
wonder if she could choose me
If I could feel enough
be enough,
to be some part of her
of her unique stance
of that attitude that is refreshing and new
I want to know how she views the world
ho she takes in people
where she feels her passion
what she views of dreams
I wonder what she sees in the mirror
how she sees me
I adore her

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