Monday, April 11, 2011


I am choosing to stray away from the typical layout for freaks of the day.
My one of my favorite colors are pink actually, hence the text.To prove a point.

I was about to make this blog dark colored and weird looking, but then I realized, your blog should display yourself. Even though I am not widely accepted amoung peers, and have come to realize that I am much smarter on a logical level then them, I do not need to be the complete outcast. I enjoy a nice sunny day as much as the rest of you.

So for my Introduction I will formally say, welcome to the world of not-so-normal person, with a mind unlike one they've ever seen. I prove points and then go against them on a daily basis, and am proud of it. Say hello to the sunny face, with the deep thoughts.

I am TheWatcher.

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