Monday, March 12, 2012

god I hope you understand

There's just these
people I just can't forget
people who are always there to make me smile
or just make me show some form of emotion

Courtney Dear,
I want you when I don't have you and get scared  when I do.
I'm sorry
I'm sorry that Travis is  just always going to be a temptation that I give in to
You see,
him and I are like
Iron Man and Pepper Pots
One may stray from the other but the tension and want and need and possible love is just always there waiting to be acted upon
I'd run away to Canada with him
and I don't know how to explain this

but I want you, too

when we kissed, at your house
when we cuddled
when I could feel your warmth
how we have the same size hands

that is so cute

YOU are so adorable
and loving
and full of all of this hidden life

I miss you

And right now..I want you more
and right now is the only thing that counts

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