Monday, June 13, 2011

Strange to think I wrote this in the few days of our little breakup.

pushing our lips
slightly opened,
i can feel the empty place
breath into me
i can feel the heat
in the back of my throat
it sets off
electric censors,
like acid
or even poison
going through all my veins
traveling from between my legs
up my torso,
through my heart,
to my lips
where I explode on you.
I'll grab onto the back of your shirt
press my fingers into your clothed back
travel down and I'll
feel the inside of
your boxers waist line
and tease just an inch away
my hands will be so cold,
and you'll groan in your way
of saying
I'll feel your entire back
you'll press hard against me
and you love it
your hands will be at
 your favorite spot
of the day
I'll breath in hard
when you,
pull me close,
or even push me away
and then take me back.
loss of control.
control in
passionate kissing,
was never for me
I'll pull back,
hands around your neck
and look into your eyes
like I can see into your thoughts
they'll tell me how much you want me.
and I'll agree,
but yet,
move away from temptation.

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